About Crush Cycle

Crush Cycle is thrilled to announce our new location at The Fitness Equation. We are offering 2-3 classes daily, 7 days a week to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

Riders love our classes because of the benefits of an intense, calorie-torching, lean-muscle building, music-filled workout. Full-body cycling incorporates core and arm exercises (for example, crunches and push-ups) as your legs are pedaling. You can burn between 400-600 calories and cover a distance of 20 miles in a 50 minute class.

Our instructors design playlists to set the mood for body-mind connection. We like to think of it as active meditation—all while sculpting your body at the same time.

Best of all, full-body cycling is for any age, any fitness level. You control how hard you ride…with a little encouragement from our awesome community.

You will never see an hour go by so fast!


Redeem your complimentary classes and then you can book your ride

First time riding? Be sure to check out 8 Ways to Crush It




TFE members receive two free classes a month for as long as their membership is active. TFE members then have the option to purchase class packages at the rates below or add unlimited series packages for $50 per month.

Note that you can drop the $50 Crush portion of your agreement with 30 days written notice.

Membership description Pricing Cost per class
1 class drop-in $25.00 $25.00
5 class pack $100.00 $20.00
10 class pack $175.00 $17.50
[NON TFE Member] Crush Unlimited (month-to-month) $139.00 $11.58
TFE Member/Crush Unlimited (month-to-month) (1 year TFE commitment) $112.00 $4.16
TFE Member/Crush Unlimited (month-to-month) (2 year TFE commitment) $102.00 $4.16
TFE Member/Crush Unlimited (month-to-month) (3 year TFE commitment) $97.00 $4.16